Partners & Affiliates

Pitch House  is where you'll find my long-time colleagues and I tackling monster campaigns and working closely to handle any project imaginable using the wide range of special talents our group brings to the table. Give Pitch House a call when it really "hits the fan"
We've been working together as a team for 27 years and counting

"Burrito Boards represents an exciting and diverse roster of artists for all styles of storyboards * shooting boards * multi-media art * 3D+ * animatics * boardamatics * photomatics * test production * print comps * digital painting * finished illustration * pencils through production * "
It's always been a pleasure working with BB and their clients

"Creative Taco is in the business of telling stories through handcrafted visual content. We have an established track record of helping iconic brands, media companies and creative agencies craft a results driven story through compelling visuals."
I work closely with CT, providing them with visual assets to create top notch Animatics for testing

"Jorgen's List  lets you connect directly with storyboard artists (no agent fees) and see their availability status. It aims to make it easier to find and maintain relationships with illustrators and other talents used by advertising agencies. "

     The directory is made by Art Director Jorgen Stovne, hence the name.